Blown To Pieces

She walked into the plaza to replace her phone’s charger, but just then a call came in. “Hello! Can you hear me…. ” Emab is usually always rowdy so she takes a couple of steps away from the shop, towards the gate and as she is speaking on the phone she sees a motorcycle drive in. The next thing that happens… she can’t really explain, but there is a very loud blast, her ears are ringing and people have been blown to pieces around her.

It has been a couple of days since the bomb blast in the city of Abuja and I can’t help the feeling that still lingers in its wake… I might just be blown to pieces someday so ‘Why should I keep living?’
In countries and cities plagued by violence and acts of terrorism you wonder why people still have laws, why the mundane things like waking up and going to work, or driving your children to school still matter. Especially when there is a possibility they won’t even come back.

Why do we go to markets when the terrorists have spelled it out clearly that they intend to blow the place up? My simple answer is that life has to go on… Hope is all we have left. If the woman whose daughter was abducted by Boko Haram gave up on life and just stopped doing anything then she would have lost the shred of probability that her daughter could be saved. She stops fighting for her daughter when she allows herself lose hope.
I’ve asked myself why I should wake up in the morning and bother about things like when I’ll start work, when my mother will buy a car or when I will tell my kids 5-10 years from now about how I met their father… I’ve wondered why because I’m not even sure we will all be alive 5-10 years from now, but I found my answer almost immediately. It is our nature to fight for life. If we aren’t hopeful and keep living then we lose the possibility that we will win the war against terrorism and still be around for many more years to come.


Photo Source: Google

The lady in the story above couldn’t have know that there would be a bomb detonated within her vicinity or that she would come out of it unscathed, but there was and she did and for that she has to want to live. This shows that God isn’t through with her yet.
We all have our purpose on earth, but just because we are still alive doesn’t make us any better than the ones we’ve lost. It only means we have that much more to live for and achieve before our time is up.
When a living being is thrown suddenly, a natural instinct kicks in… The need to survive. The mind communicates that something is threatening its wellbeing and the body immediately tries to fight, even though it may not have a clear understanding of how to….

We just don’t have an option. We have to fight for the life we have. If we don’t make it then it is okay, but not matter how hard life gets, we have to fight for the right to live.


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