Class: An Innate Quality

I’m a huge fan of TV shows and one of the ones I’m watching now is ‘make it or break it‘. This series is about four remarkable young girls who love gymnastics so much they actually live and breathe it. The passion, intrigue and rivalry is what you’d expect in life generally.

Kaylie, Payson, Emily and Lauren

In season 3,Β Steve Tanner, who is a parent to one of the gymnasts, is dating or has been dating Chloe Kmetko, another gymnasts mom, for some months now. Steve’s mom is coming over for dinner and Lauren (Steve’s untamed daughter) sees this as her chance to get rid of Chloe and this is because she knows how much of a snob her grandma can be, but to her dismay Chloe and Emily are well dressed for the evening and. grandma seems to be taken by them… This obviously angers Lauren and she decides to make a move. She makes it known to Chloe that it was her idea to invite them over for dinner and not her dad’s whom she thought must have done it out of love. So the proud Emily and hurt Chloe leave the Tanner residence after gracefully excusing themselves and thanking the old Mrs Tanner for a wonderful meal.
having classThe reason why this scenario is engraved in my mind is because it teaches a valuable lesson which is that class isn’t about having money or being at the top of the chain. It can’t be bought so it is either you have it or you don’t. Even though lauren (the teenager) said mean things to make the socially handicapped Kmetkos feel less of themselves they managed to keep their cool and act with decorum, but Lauren at that point sunk lower for forgetting her manners and acting like a street urchin. This is my though on Class. This is a clear indication that class isn’t learnt. You either have it or you don’t.