Hurray! It’s The Last Day

I can officially begin to use a title I stole from Chinua Achebe’s ‘The Drum’… “I am tortoise (Makcit in this case) who doesn’t leave a fight (task) halfway”.
It is a thing of pride for me that 7 days ago I started this detox-diet amidst major rebellion from my head and today I’m done. One more thing to brag to my head about. :p
Today your food intake will consist of 1 cup of rice, fruit juice and all the vegetables you care to consume.


Orange Juice

First couple of days, it felt like I was gonna throw in the towel, but I held on. My ambition was just to get through each day instead of wondering about day seven.

» You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it. I told myself I needed to do this. Not for the weight loss it assured, but just to feel ‘cleaner’.
» Take the time to do you. If I had done this for someone I’m sure I would have given up long ago. The drive would have been nonexistent, but because I did it for me I was able to find the strength I need.
I’m currently feeling much better about myself, both inside and out. I feel lighter (maybe it is in my head) and my jackets didn’t feel so snug when I tried them this morning as I was looking for what to wear.
I can’t see a downside to the past 7days only pluses all through.

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”

I’m much stronger for it now than when I started. I want to appreciate those who cheered me on like Zeal… I’m grateful.


4 thoughts on “Hurray! It’s The Last Day

  1. yay!!! super happy you made it to the finish line…now I think I will also take the detox diet…but i need motivate myself some more 😀
    sure “what does not kill you makes you stronger”


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