7-Day Detox Diet

My name is Makcit and I’m fat. At least that is what I’ve been hearing for the last 2 years. I wasn’t always like this you know.
My weight, at my heaviest, was around 53-56kg and now I weight about 10kg more than that and this weight gain happened in the space of two years- after university.
I’ve tried jogging, but I’m one of those people that Jogging doesn’t work for. It makes me gain weight.
While I was in Jos, my aunt Mrs Lipdo, told me about this Detox Diet and I made up my mind to try it for the following reasons;
1. It isn’t as expensive as other diets I’ve come across.
2. It doesn’t take forever to complete. 7 days is doable.
3. It guarantees results.

All fruits except bananas. The first day consists of all fruits you want. It is suggested you consume lots of melons the first day, especially watermelon and cantaloupe.

My Fruit choices for Day 1

I was able to get watermelon, pineapple, some papaya and avocado. The aim is not to get hungry and so far, I’m good. At the end one is guaranteed to lose between 4-8 pounds so for the next couple of days I will give an update of how each day goes.
I’m excited and can’t wait to see how it all ends. Fingers crossed.


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