RIP, Dear Shawarma & Grills

I may not have the physical strength or the legal audacity to demand restitution whenever someone annoys me, disrespects me or denys me my right to quality services of any kind, but I do have my pen and pad and I can write whatever I damn well want to.
I’ve written about a ‘quaint and cozy’ eatery in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria several months ago titled Dig In . I schooled in Jos so this was my go-to place for the best meals, at the time. Whenever I had any craving for something homemade (besides my cooking) I would take my then ‘little’ self and head to British America (that’s the location) and treat myself to some good chicken, shawarma, fish ‘n’ chips… You name it.
I guess they have made ‘enough’ money that they now treat customers without courtesy, not once, twice, but three times!
I’m like a volcano about to erupt. I guess my patronage of several years now amounts to nothing, that the ugliest waiter of them all has the nerve to talk like he is paying me to eat there.
*Taking a deep breath*
I probably sound like a petulant child throwing a tantrum or maybe I’m just an honourable customer who’s been wrong. All the same, I can’t help the feeling of rejection and disappointment and what was once a food mecca in Jos has now become ‘Nigeria’: A place where the highest bidder gets better treatment.

Ever had a sour experience in S & G?


6 thoughts on “RIP, Dear Shawarma & Grills

  1. I don’t know the store but I know bad service and I know Nigeria! I’ve always found Nigerian businesses to be very short sighted and not consider the patronage of loyal customers in the long term. This example is very typical.


    1. Finally, someone that understands. Business owners need to understand that every customer is important. No matter what. It hurts that a place that used to make me chatter nonstop doesn’t excite me anymore. Thank you for stopping by. It means a lot.


  2. Thats yet another problem with businesses that surface from nowhere & you find hundreds trooping in & it gets to their(service provider) heads. I guess its a nigerian thing,most business managed by nigerians have loose ends, i’v been visiting net cafe for over 5years & their services stands out from the crowd.probably coz its managed by non nigerians. But i share you pain on S & Grill & hope not to go there anytime soon.


    1. Nigerians need to know the staples of business and start thinking long term not short term. I agree with you completely about Net Café. Their service is unwavering and that’s why their customers always come back. We’ve just gotta change our way of thinking and run world class businesses.


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