Captain Philips: The Movie


“Captain, you’re safe now”.
“Thank you”, was all he could muster besides the sobs that were on the brink of breaking free.
I’m sitting in the dark, with my laptop casting a light in front of me and I can’t help, but be deeply touched by this movie directed by Paul Greengrass.
I’ve never doubted the gravity of morals a simple film can teach, but ‘Captain Philips’ has touched me like no other movie has in a very long time. Certain moments like the part where the three pirates had been shot and the marines were at ease and making their way back into the ship. I thought to myself, ‘Look at what a country can do for its citizen’ then I also remembered the story from the Bible that speaks of the good Shepherd who leaves the 99 sheep that are safe to go in search of the one that is lost.
Another symbolic part was at the end. The moment Captain Philips was getting a check up… You could see it in his eyes that he still couldn’t believe that he was alive. He must have been thinking, “what if I had died?”. In that sort of moment, life takes on new meaning and you wanna make the most of it. You suddenly begin to wonder if you tell your spouse how much you love them nearly enough. You begin to evaluate the time you’ve spent with your friends and family and the legacy you’ve left for your kids. Is it all enough?
My eyes filled with tears at the moment I realized the captain was safe. I felt his relief and anguish like it was happening to me.
I’m happy with the producers and directors for a wonderful movie and I hope such films actually help us to be better people in the end.


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