How and What Mums Actually Think

Mothers have a way of making their kids seem like the worst lot that ever lived. when a mother begins to lament over how disrespectful, stubborn or wayward her kids are, you would expect to see a child that does as he pleases, beats his parents to a pulp or a girl that brings married men into the house. What you actually do see is a child who occasionally doesn’t want to go for boys’ brigade practice, a child who wants his parents to hear him once a while or a teenage girl who enjoys hanging out with friends every other weekend.

My mum is from a generation where girls stayed at home till some knight in shining armour came along and swept them off their feet (good luck with that happening now), boys were the sole breadwinners and children got a spanking for just thinking of boys or sex. In my environment, these things still happen, but there is a longer leash and the tolerance level of parents has gotten a major upgrade.

If someone could have a sit-down with my mum or just set some hidden cameras in my house, you’d see how my mum goes on and on about how unlucky she is to have kids like us. I’m guessing that being a single parent (raising three kids) messes with your head a bit, but it is very sad because these parents lose out on the best part of parenting. Friendship, getting to know who your child is and what they like. Single parents are too busy raising their kids to be upstanding citizens, morally sound, chaste girls and respectable boys that they don’t have the time to work on their personal relationship with their kids. Maybe they can’t be blamed, but somewhere along the line, when the kids realise the mistakes they’ve made in life, they will want to blame someone.

I was reading about why some guys are twisted and I came across several articles that explained why some kids raised without mothers or fathers turned out as child molesters, got pregnant before marriage, or just coudn’t hold down a relationship for too long. Some might argue that it is just an excuse to justify one’s actions and blame someone else for one’s mistakes, but I disagree with that. someday, when I have a heart to, I would write my personal story. 🙂

My mum says I’m disrespectful to her, she thinks I’m loose, she feels my brother is on the verge of being the most rebellious kid ever and she thinks my sister has some voices in her head that make her act crazy sometimes. lol. I will be 26 on my next birthday, but she feels it is inappropriate for me to live alone. She thinks it will scare men away. =)) My sister just left her juvenile days behind (she is almost 23) so that could explain her craziness and my brother is a full on teenager with all the raging hormones that guys are supposed to have. Personally, I think he is a tad calmer than what one would expect in a 16 year old, but my mum attributes his behaviour to something else. 🙂 I guess one shouldn’t blame her, but it doesn’t change the fact that times are changing and parents should be more informed. I’m sure we all have those friends who are always drinking too much, smoking everything ‘smoke-able’, sleeping around or just don’t have regards for their elders while we sit around and laugh with them or at them.

I love my mum and I’m grateful that she raised us three, doing it all by herself for 18 years (how time flies) and  even though she may think otherwise, she raised wonderful kids. Our parents may not see how great we their kids are, but I’m sure posterity will be our judge. I’m not a perfect person, but I know I’m a GOOD person.


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