How Do You Know You Are An Adult?

Do you remember yourself as a kid and how you couldn’t wait to grow a little older? Girls looked forward to wearing brassiรจres and the boys couldn’t wait to have girlfriends.
child playing.jpgOh! How eager we were to drop our baby looks and be addressed as adults, wear adult clothes and go places on our own. The funny thing though is that most of us don’t realize when we actually become adults. I know I didn’t.
What makes one an adult? Is it the national stipulation that says anyone above 18 is an adult? Or is it the moment one realizes it in his head, “I am an adult”?
For some of my friends, hitting 18 or 21 was just another birthday to them, a reason to party. I asked a couple of friends if they considered themselves adults and when they realized they were adults. It took three of them a while to think about it. Below are their answers;

  • “30”. This one got me smiling because this my friend isn’t even 30 yet.
  • “Truth is, now that I’ve thought of it, i am not even sure i have realised yet.”
  • “I consider myself an adult, although not completely cos I am not fully independent.”

I don’t know about you, but for me the years between my 18th and the great ‘2-0’ had me thinking I was the ‘ish’. I felt like I knew all I needed for life’s journey, but it didn’t really resonate with me that I was an adult. I considered myself young and at a very good age.
As the years progressed I only likened myself to fine wine… Getting better with age you know, but as I struck 25 it seems there was a sign on my forehead that showed it. People now regard me differently, people relate with me differently and funny enough, I converse with myself differently too. I don’t know if this will keep happening, changing perceptions as the years progress, but I’m beginning to accept that I’m old(er) and more is expected of me now more than ever. I AM an adult ๐Ÿ™‚
Growing up is inevitable and quite exciting. When did you realize you’d metamorphosed into an adult? Was it an ‘AHA’ moment (as Oprah would say), did it just creep up on you or are you among the group that feel you aren’t quite there yet?


6 thoughts on “How Do You Know You Are An Adult?

  1. Adulthood is achieved at a pin point of thought when reality hits one that He/She has obligations to fulfill amongst other accomplishments yet solved. This mindful being hence resolves to focus energy on activities that satisfy the dire necessity of moment. I doubt age in adulthood. Life is always new, we couldnโ€™t live it โ€˜no questions asked, even to our conscience who rams at us every once in a while, battering its significance into our affairs. It targets at achieving much attention in our โ€˜to doโ€™ lists. We pray to turn heads and brace self to tie and un-tie intense events right from younger days. We allocate better time for what interest us. Adulthood is simply this realization, a cube of events. It is also that moment for moral decision as society is greatly influenced by the little things one(adulthood) involves self in. Things like setting examples for those younger to us. How could we be greedy with finance and smiles then? A decade plus, when fresher ideas, and young time is in session, theyโ€™d remember how elusive we were, hardly buying to their moments, not watching Ben10 along-side. Renewed of mind, their interest now 300 inches away โ€˜matters that involve us would remember that adulthood is detail, a teaching. Let it take the younger ones to the park, get gisted about Dora and why Bart simpsom is yellow. It is also a responsibility of letting your students known/unknown play with your i-pad. Adulthood is a finish line as it matters to itself and others, an investment. Letโ€™s just say it met me soon enough.


    1. Thanks for the Comment Mo. “…setting examples for those younger to us.” I agree with that completely. Adulthood is selflessness. Being careful that our actions impact others positively. In the end, it comes upon everyone differently. In time I hope though.


  2. After reading “mens” comment, anything said will be grossly inadequate. However, I can say the read was worth the wait!


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