Random Musings Part 2

I haven’t written anything in a while and it isn’t for a lack of something to right about, but more of a lack of motivation.
I’ve been low for a while now. I’m beginning to think I may be bipolar, but I’m not sure my case is that extreme.
I love activity. I’m the sort of gal who would want to go visit a friend, but the moment I’m there I’ll start thinking of the next thing to do or the next place to be. Especially if there is no activity in my current location. I know this single example can be used to analyze my whole existence, which I’ve done, but I will not go there today. Today is about me trying to find out what’s wrong.
First of all, I know I’m not worried about money. I don’t have anything I particularly need so money can wait.
I’m getting tired of seeing some faces every day. The way to take care of that is by;
1. Getting a job
2. Getting a job far away from this place
3. Get married.
There is no husband at the moment so there goes number 3 down the drain. My next plan would then be to find a job which I’m doing now with renewed fervor.
Ah! I almost forgot another option. My most desired option;
4. Go for my masters thousands of miles away. :-D.
This is where there is a need for money. My dream would be to school in the UK, but that seems near impossible due to the bucket-load of money required for it. So my sights are on SA for now.
I’ve been here too many times not to recognize the signs, but I’m gonna keep mute so you can find a word for it.


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