In Search Of Greener Grass

I woke up early at the insistence of my mum and after dragging myself out of bed, I showered, dressed up in the clothes I’d picked out the night before, and had a light breakfast of dry toast and a cup of tea.
We left home and got a ride to our destination… That was when the sleep completely cleared from my eyes. The crowd I saw at the far entrance of the stadium was scary and it wasn’t even 7 o’clock yet. The gates were opened at exactly 7:00am and we all rushed in like bulls moving into their pen. imageEverything seemed normal from how we tried to find our way to the mouth of the stadium to the point when guys and girls climbed over the fence to get it. This was hilarious because the gates were opened after a couple of them had given other applicants something to capture on their cameras :D=. When we got in, we were directed to our seats, not without commotion anyway. Some who were meant to be down climbed up so there was a ruckus before we all settled down. Mostly. This should have been expected, considering that 68000 people applied in Abuja alone. I found myself sitting beside a lady who said she had a job that paid her well, but was only there because her dad said she should try it and I met a couple or people with similar stories. Some even called in sick at work just to be there.

With things seemingly okay until we wrote the exam around 4 o’clock, imagine my astonishment when I heard that lives were lost! This made me wonder, who do we blame for the deaths of these Nigerians? Who will be held responsible for the stampede that took the lives of these 6 people? Is it the estimated 30,000 applicants who already have jobs or is it the federal government for making life hard that everyone is seeking greener grass? Should the blame go to the Nigerian Immigration Service for not handling the exercise better? Even when they knew the number or applicants to expect? This is just one more thing that will be gone with the wind.


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