Grooms Need Grooming Too

I just had a conversation with a friend and the conflict was “what colour will go with a navy blue suit“. From my stockpile of colour-blocking ammunition, I know that yellow goes very well with Blue, but having them -the colours- in the right proportion matters a lot!

This here is an attempt to educate men on the diverse options open to them when choosing a wedding suit, seeing as we all know they don’t know colours AT ALL.GRAY FOR DAY

Gray For Day

It must not be the drab one-colour all through, black & black or outrageous combinations like ‘Blue & Red’ *Gag*. Infuse a little colour and you can look as good as your bride or even better. Although, that is so not acceptable. 🙂



First of all, it is good to choose a suit according to the time of day. Most weddings in Nigeria take place before the sun goes down so it’s expected to use lighter colours like light grays, blues & browns, but my Nigerian bros use dark colours instead. Hehehe
When having a night-time ceremony on the other hand, dark colours like Black, Navy blue and Charcoal grey are suitable and appropriate.

Navy Blue for Night-time

Factors to consider when choosing a suit include: Wedding theme, bride’s dress (some don’t wear the traditional white), wedding style (formal or informal), personality, individual taste and style, and your Budget.
The theme of the wedding is what informs the colour choices. If It’s a Valentine theme then there’ll definitely be red so the suit colour should go with red. If it’s a 90’s inspired look then black might not be an option. The colour choices should compliment. It is visually pleasing to see a bride have a blue and yellow bouquet with her bridesmaids wearing yellow dresses while the guys use blue ties and pocket squares. These are colours that are great together so this scene will work perfectly, but imagine a bride’s bouquet with green & gold, her bridesmaids with gold probably and the guys with red ties… NOOOOOO! We do not need to know the other wedding colours to ascertain that this is a total NO-NO.
At the end of the day, the couple has to choose the colours in tandem to ensure a cohesive result and when all is said and done and they’ve danced their shoes off, they’ll look back and be proud of what they did together.

Light Colours for Day

My advice is, if you can’t be bothered to pick out a colour that will work with the wedding theme, leave it all to your bride to do and she’ll do it gladly, but if you really want to be a part of the process, you can start your planning now (for those who haven’t walked down the aisle yet). Most ladies plan their weddings before they are even 20, why can’t you?
Toodles Xoxo

Photos from J.Crew Facebook
Inspired by a wedding photography blog and my friend.


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