A Word Of Praise

Having people praise you is great… Being appreciated for things you can do and stuff you excel at is like a cocaine high, But hearing a family member encourage you and say something good about you is like the best adrenaline pump one needs. It is the best!

“An anxious heart wears a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.”- Proverbs 12:25.
The power of praise (encouragement) cannot be over stated, but just visualize your spouse, parent, sibling, BFF or your boyfriend whisperinga word of encouragement to you just before you take a big leap… The effect is wonderful. I remember a time I and my sister were talking and the discussion got to my singing. She said ‘of course you have a nice voice’… I was humbled. People say it, but I always doubt it. Having my sister say it meant a lot to me. It was just a sentence, but an adrenaline shot for me.
 It is too bad that parents forget how to praise their kids when they grow. The human being will naturally respond to this stimuli (Praise) so imagine your teenage daughter meeting up with some randy teenage boy who adores her, a spouse falling for the outsider that appreciates him/her or even your best friend leaving you for someone that tends to encourages rather than Judge.
 My Take is we flourish from the encouragement of a dear person. I was at a trying time in my life and it was the words of a friend that got me focused again.
We’ve all seen it, or felt it – a moment of encouragement that helped us believe in ourselves. It can be the greatest gift you’ll ever give…or receive.


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