The Kid

Let me begin by saying that I love children to a fault. I love them and I’m good with them. I like to think of myself as the baby whisperer, if there ever was such a thing. I wish I could just have a mansion filled to the seams with kids for me to entertain and mould into great teens that will be taken care of by someone else (hehehe), but I have a problem.
Here I am in church and a baby starts to wail. Sh*t! I’m all for refraining from hitting a child, but if that child doesn’t know the difference between home and public places it deserves a spanking. There is this kid in my church that makes me want to tear my clothes and go apewoman on him.
First of all, this particular child is what we Nigerians call, ‘long throat’ (pronounced with a pidgin accent). He sees you with something and he wants it. Like, seriously?
To add to his ‘long throat’, he is ungrateful. A lady with a child of her own gave him a piece of apple which he actually collected by force and he just went about his merry way without a backward glance… And guess what? He came back for more. *rolling my eyes*.
He is stubborn, unruly, a tyke and any other adjective that is synonymous with those already mentioned (I’m not exaggerating).
He inspired this entry cos he started shouting in church and for no cause I’m most certain. He was probably being reprimanded for something he’d done or was about to do. I’m in no position to pick on anyone’s parenting skills, but I think some parents should but a tighter leash on their kids. The things we excuse today will become our undoing tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “The Kid

  1. Right now I am practically laughing out loud…..I see that a lot as a Sunday school teacher & its true that some parents are not doing well in their children’s upbringing. While some kids are just bad products of good homes.


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