Love and Honour: The Resolution?

I thought it had been resolved….

The reason I gave myself for leaving what I love is to give me time to do better things, like work on my journalism ambition, and to save my already frail emotional and psychological disposition.
Being a member of the band or a member of any group at all, takes a lot from you or so I believe. If you are well invested in something, it stands to reason that you wouldn’t stand to see it come to nothing.
Taking a look at the band, I know I gave a lot to it. I don’t know if I gave her my best, but I know I gave a lot. So it broke my heart to have someone cut me off from every angle I tried to work on. I’m human and I feel that should be factored into everything.
Today, my band leader and friend came to my house and brought up the issue of my withdrawing from the group (surprisingly). My first question to him was why it took him this long to confront me about it and he said, “I thought you were joking”. Just goes to prove my point of not being taken seriously ehn? Lol
Anyway, I told him I left to maintain my own sanity. I wouldn’t want to lose myself and become bitter when it could all be avoided now would I?
I’m simmering with some unidentified emotion whilst wondering if my actions are justifiable. Did I do the right thing? Should I have weathered the storm? Or should I have taken the matter up with the officials formally? The chap became more antagonistic after he was allegedly scolded by his guardian… Was I to wait till he got physical?
My band leader has opened a new can of worms and I have to deal with it again.

I need to put this to rest.


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