The Last Day

Today is a special day for so many reasons and particularly to my family. First of all, it’s the last day of the year (I’ll drink to that), it’s my Uncle’s wedding anniversary and it also marks the day my dad passed away (God rest his soul)
The most momentous of them all is my dad’s passing. It’s not every year that I remember what the day means to us, but for every year that I do It pushes me into the new year with a little more adrenaline than usual. It reminds me to be determined and more ambitious. It reminds me that I’m alive for a reason. It reminds me that we aren’t where we used to be (Thank God for that) and it reminds me that God will always be with us.
There are some of my blog entries that I write and post days or weeks after, but I just felt like this needed to be done now and I just got right to it.
I will use this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful crossover and also blessing and goodness to those with good intentions. May our dreams come true or a little close at least. Lol


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