What is it with the word ‘sorry’ that if said can quench the hottest anger and when not said can fuel the wildest fire?
I have been feeling off kilter for a while, but something happened that gave me the fuel to write on this. I’ve had a couple of experiences where people have gotten angry cos I didn’t say sorry when they thought I should have.
Quick question; If God got angry at us each time we neglected saying sorry what would have become of humans and the world in general?

Back to my musings….
If there are words I don’t have a problem saying, it’s ‘sorry’ and ‘please’, but my issues come up when this adjective and verb are demanded and not allowed to come of one’s free will, at their own time. When something is forced, it loses it’s value. It becomes a mere word and nothing more. Why would one subject himself to being appeased by mere words that mean nothing when it’s not from the heart?

I recently attended a funeral and had a heart breaking encounter (not as bad as it sounds though). I and a dear friend are butting heads because she thinks I did wrong and caused her to miss the funeral while here I am not getting what the problem is cos I gave her the details the previous night in order to avoid issues on the main day. The crux of the matter is that after all was said and done she thinks I should have just apologized rather than try to explain… Holdup! Let’s take it slow… Why would I just apologize when I don’t even know what I’m apologizing for? Is that fair? I guess apologies have just become the easiest way of getting out of a fix. Well, not for me. I’m not a dude (sniggering).
I believe that everyone in life has a reason for doing anything and everything so I always like to know the why first. It is only when the reason isn’t worth it that I lose my marbles. I just expect that people should be reasonable and think of others too. Is that too much?


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