The PurpleDiva: Unfiltered

As I grew from one stage of development to the other, my ambitions grew as well. From being a Diva to being a humble street painter. Through it all one thing remained constant, I wanted to be FAMOUS! πŸ˜€
To be outstanding in whatever I eventually decided to do.
Some might laugh at this and go, “you are not serious”, while shaking their heads but believe it or not it’s the truth.
To further expand on this I want to say something about my temperament. What would you call someone who’s reserved, yet doesn’t mind being the center of attention? Yep! That’s me. I grew up believing I was a timid little thing and I liked feeling that way, but in recent times when I refer to myself as shy, people go, “shut the front door” or “yeah right”, in the most sarcastic ways possible. LolAnyway, the reason why I had to give this brief explanation is because I’ve always wanted to have the spotlight on me. I used to imagine myself as the first Nigerian actress to make the transition to Hollywood. I saw myself rocking a stage somewhere in the USA. I envisioned myself in an all-girl group… Kinda like the female version of westlife. Sadly, things haven’t turned out as I’d planned, but one thing that has is the fact that I draw attention wherever I go. It is usually unintentional and unplanned, but it’s something I can’t help. With this realisation I made up my mind to use my ‘charm’ to make a difference.
Tears come to me easily and that’s because I let myself get sucked into any sympathetic situation. Even a work of fiction.
So to finally pick a career path I decided to find the things I did very well and these include, but not restricted to;
Talking, telling stories, reading, writing and being in front of a camera. Plus, I have a pleasant voice if what people keep telling me is true.
In the end I decided that if I couldn’t be the next BeyoncΓ©, a member of the Saturdays or the next Genevieve I could still make an impact as a Journalist.
I grew up watching men be disrespectful to women. My Dad’s family didn’t care that my mum had two children to fend for with another on the way. They swooped in like a pack of vultures waiting for death and invaded our world when our father passed away.

My experiences have made me vulnerable in some way, but much stronger in lots of other ways. Due to this, I want to use the media as a tool to propagate equality and project awareness for the African woman who is forced to kill her dreams in a bid to be accepted.
People have told me that I won’t get a husband if I decide to further my education, but this is something I’ve always wanted to do. To keep learning if the opportunity was there. Was I born with the sole purpose of getting the basics in school and waiting for a man to make me whole? Even our saviour, Jesus Christ, would object to that.
As it is, we don’t have the means in anyway to pay for my dreams, but it is something I really want to do. To acquire more knowledge in the field of my choice and make my land much better than I met it.


13 thoughts on “The PurpleDiva: Unfiltered

  1. Not sure how I missed this piece…thought I had read all the articles on this blog…

    You may be suprise to realise you are alot closer to your dream than you think.

    Keep pushing on…


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