‘Eminado’: A beautiful thing

From the stable of Mavin records, we got a banging hit titled ‘Eminado’. Tiwa’s enchanting pipes and Don Jazzy’s beautiful bass served to give an enthralling sound that has been on the lips of everyone for weeks.
The beat is ‘Afrocentric’ in every sense, but as modern as any African song can get.
The video hit the internet with a bang and has got everyone buzzing. I read so many comments so I rushed to find the video and make my own notes.
The video begins with the definition of the song’s title, Eminado, which means ‘Good luck charm’. I saw someone’s comment saying they didn’t get why they had to translate it. Let me start by saying that person is going bananas. A lot of people would have given the word their own meaning so in order to help us get the accurate meaning of the song, the translation was necessary and I’m grateful for it.
Moving on… When the actual video begins the first word that comes to mind is ‘vintage’. There is a retro television giving the opening credits, I.e song title, artists, e.t.c. This sets the tone for the whole song.
My favourite parts are seeing tiwa in the ‘fro and disco look. The costume designer did a really good Job.
I was also impressed when I realized she was her own backup. At a point they were making surprised looks at each other. It was fun to watch.
My only point of confusion though was the older couple and the teenagers… I haven’t completey grasped their relevance in the video, but besides that I will say it was a complete success. It is officially my favourite video for now.


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