A silver lining

Life is usually taken for granted until something monumental occurs. Say for instance, terminal sickness, abandonment by a loved one or even death. Death has always humbled man kind. From the Bible times till now.
In the new testament we see how Jesus raised the dead and the effect it had on the lives of their family, but even though we hear of it and read of it, nothing prepares you for the hurt of it.
I lost my dad at a young age and it’s taken me several years to deal with it, but one thing that helped was my trust in God and his word which says, “A father to the fatherless, defender to the widows….” Psalm 68:5
When things happen to me I find ways of consoling myself by finding a silver lining and trust me, there is always a silver lining.
In my dad’s case I viewed it as it pertained to me. I told myself that I might not have grown up to be the sweet and nice person I love so much (call me vain if you want Kky). I might have been superficial and overly concerned about material things. When I thought of all these possibilities I didn’t like the probability so I told myself that if taking my father away made me a better person then it probably was worth it.
Between my eight birthday and now I’ve witnessed a myriad of departures from this life, more than is necessary (if I can use that word) and I’ve built a thicker skin, but nothing prepared me for the most recent of ’em all.
My bff lost her husband!
She is younger than I am with two beautiful boys that anyone would wish was theirs. I can’t go into the emotions I felt when I heard it, but trust me, it hurt in a very different way. Almost like a new feeling.
For someone who’s never experienced death I can only imagine how it feels, but I will keep praying that God will comfort her in his own special way. For no matter how hurt and angry we are, the questions we ask, the thoughts of giving up on life… We always have to trust that God knows all and is in charge of all.
May the souls of the departed Rest In Peace. Amen.


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