When you hear the word ‘propaganda’ what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me I was like “WTF?” lol. The first time my ears had the pleasure of hearing the word was a while ago, when I was still a young lass of about 12 or 13. I was in junior secondary when part of a newspaper publication circulated round school. It was just a page long. When I was able to feast my eager eyes on it, the gist I got was something about a company being owned by someone who’d sold his soul to the Devil. Yikes!!! Most of it was just gibberish, but the older students at the time who had seen other parts of the photocopy gave us the ‘current’ (this refers to any new and exciting info that not everyone is privy to).
Apparently, the company that produced Pringles and Always sanitary towel wasn’t a real company. Someone had discovered that the address that they used was an empty field in the middle of nowhere, but the most intriguing part was in regards to the sanitary towels. The publication highlighted that there was something sinister about them. Trust F. G. G. C. Langtang girls now, we went into investigative mode. Girls got out their Always sanitary pads and (I don’t know who brought up the idea) soaked them with water, then tore off the netted layer to reveal that the waterΒ  had crystallized. Kky. This seemed to convice them that the publication had to be true. Some were crying and wondering what the use of this particular pad would cause, some were proud of themselves for exposing the ‘evil’ plot and others were relieved that they used other brands. There was pandemonium everywhere.
To be honest, I was sceptical, but not particularly bothered cos I had not experienced that rite of passage to womanhood just yet.
Anyway, when I told someone the story at home the person told me it was propaganda. The Free Online Dictionary defines it as “Information or ideas methodically spread to promote or injure a cause, movement, nation, etc.” And in this case it was to injure. I didn’t completely grasp the meaning of the word at the time until several years later, but anytime I come across it, I always flashback to that time in secondary school and the meaning has stuck ever since.


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