Biology and Love

I watched Harry’s Law last night. You know, the Tv show with Kathy Bates as an outstanding Lawyer… Anyway, I’d missed several episodes so I stopped bothering about it, but what made me watch it this particular day was when I saw two families in a court room. On one side there was an African-American couple and on the other side was an Asian couple, but despite the obvious physical disparity, they had a striking resemblance… They all looked grim and had tears in their eyes. This was what propelled me to get comfortable.
The Story;
Do you remember the time news filtered in that China was going on a drastic family planning move? They expected families to have only one child each. Apparently, this was the case with this Asian family. Their child was taken away from them when she was two years old and while she was taken, the local government (they were the ones in charge of the exercise) locked up the parents for a while so they had no way of knowing where she was taken. Fast forward to 4 years later and we meet the court scene. The matter is in court because the African-American family thought the parents were deceased while the Asian family had spent the last 4 years looking for their daughter, Ming, who the African-American family had renamed Lee.
In one scene, the now 6 year-old girl was brought to the court house to meet the Asian couple and they instinctively spoke Mandarin (Chinese), but the girl looked on with a straight face. Her cold and unresponsive demeanour made the mother begin to lament in Mandarin, but to their shock and relief, the girl responded in their native tongue saying she remembered them.
Now, put yourself in either of the couples’ positions and just sit there for a moment… If you were to judge this case, who would you give the child to?… The Asian couple who found themselves separated from their baby out of their will and took 4 years to look for her or the African-American couple who were there in her formative years and have filled the void that the separation must have caused.
In the end, the ruling was in favour of the African-American… And at that moment, the Asian woman let out a wail like a wounded banshee. I couldn’t help the tightness in my chest.
Who deserves to have the child?


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