Each time I tell myself it’s not necessary, then events unfold that change my perception and give my life meaning. Just when I begin to smile more often and think less, fate’s cold grip freezes the film and the cold wakes me up to reality.
One moment I’m suspended in the air of bliss, the next moment gravity pulls me hard, back to earth I thump the ground.
With the back ache and bruised skin, the fall can’t break me.
The next time I see bliss, nothing will stop me from enjoying the feeling again. U never know when it will last… I Will get it right some time. I know I will.

My mended walls are falling apart Just when I though it couldn’t possibly start.
The voice in my head begins its job telling me it has to end just when its begun.
I’m tired of the pain, the sadness and the stress.
The need to be happy is too strong to contest.
But who knows, the voice may just be a myth or me thinking “when will it all quit”


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