Friends For Life

Friends are a staple of life. Anyone who disagrees clearly doesn’t have any.
Today, some old and beloved friends surprised us with a call saying they were on their way. You may be wondering what’s so special about this… We met this family when we moved to our current house in Old Karu since 1994 which means we have known eachother for 19 years. Blimey! I didn’t even know it was that long.
The thing about friendship is that there are highs and lows. It hasn’t always been ‘Love in Tokyo’ my friend, we had to work at it and I’m glad we did cos now Debby has two adorable tykes and I wonder what life would have been not knowing them.
The first is a photo of them four months ago.
The next one is them on their first birthday.
I’m glad I still have great friends. I once read somewhere that there are friends for a season, reason and for a lifetime. These ones are lifelong friends.


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