WEEDs of our time

It was 10 o’clock and we felt it was time for us to read. You know, just do the final prep for the big test. I got out my History of Drama and Theatre, but Johnny lit a joint seconds after opening his book. He stepped outside and shared it with Tee Jay and after several minutes he came back in and began to read. I usually don’t last long when I read at night (I’d rather read in the day) so through sleepy eyes I found the bedroom and took off to dream land. Sometime in the night I stirred when I felt a presence in the room: it was Johnny who’d come in to get something to cover with. I checked the time and it was four hours after I’d retired. This means he had stayed up reading. Johnny is my friend whom I consider a wonderful person in all ramifications, but one spectacular thing about him is he smokes weed, then he reads and afterwards he takes a short nap before heading to class for an exam or test. Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in Nigeria and the world at large. It is frowned upon in most societies, but it’s also used for medicinal purposes e.g. To alleviate migraines, induce sleep (for insomniacs), infantile convulsions and many more. The sad thing is, some of my course mates who tried to fit into Tommy’s life got it all wrong and missed a year (which may or may not be directly as a result of their use of the narcotic). Cannabis, which is its botanical name, also answers to several aliases; Pot, Ganja, Skunk, Kush, Weed, dope, mary jane e.t.c. One of the myths of weed is that it heightens every feeling that the body experiences and the one that amuses me the most is hunger. Weed causes acute hunger, which logically is better than cigarettes that do the opposite: they just kill your taste buds and douse your appetite.

How does weed heighten thought/perception? In the case of Johnny, we can infer that weed enables him assimilate better while reverse is the case for others. What do we say is the function, asides proven medical uses, if at all any? Should it be acceptable in the society? Will it cause giant leaps of achievements? Will it open the third eye or help us tap into the 6th sense? Is it just B. S.- a worthless substance that young men of this contemporary generation cling to? What’s your take? From where I’m sitting Pot has no use whatsoever, even the smell doesn’t appeal to me, but I’ve heard some people praise it’s euphoric effect. Should a more serious stand be taken against Marijuana or should it be left as it is- a thing to be savoured by anyone?


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