Covering Poblems Don’t Make Them Disappear

Have you ever had a problem that you covered up because you thought no one knew it was there? Megan has a ‘situation’ on her left foot. After much research, she realises it’s a fungal infection. The first time she saw it, she panicked and thought to herself, “how could this happen to my beautiful toenail”? After the self pity, Megan got a brilliant idea: “paint my nails!” That was cool because, no one would see it. All they’d see is a nicely shaped toenail and her cool foot right? Wrong!

Polished NailsHere she is sitting and staring at her toe, wondering to herself…. She realised she had to clean off the nail polish cos it was getting old and it struck her that she’d have to do something about her infected toenail rather than ignore it by polishing it away.

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Hiding the infection under several coats of polish won’t erase the reality of it being there would it?

When we ignore a problem it doesn’t make it go away. It will only fester and cause you more pain in the future. Don’t push problems away, they will only haunt you and pop up again. Resolve issues and don’t let them fester or they’ll cause you bigger problems.


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