Life in Ludo

People refer to life as different things. We the thespians call life a stage where every actor has a part to play. Athletes call life a race, where everyone is heading for the finish line. I want to liken life to ludo… Everyone gets his turn, but you know how you have four players and each person rolls and probably lands a 6 and when it gets to your turn… Zilch? Then just when you start loosing hope, you roll and land a 6-3 and there’s someone sitting on your 6-3. The feeling is great. That one move places you in a good position and does a lot for your confidence… That’s how life is. You take a go at something several times and feel like giving up all the time, then just when you think you’ll stop… Life gives you a six. :D. Life is just like Ludo. Others may roll and get six (6) consecutively while you keep getting 5-4, 2-1, 3-2…, but just when you are at the peak of frustration, you roll 6-3 and funny enough someone is sitting right there on your 6-3.
Moral: in life learn to be optimistic… You might be looking for a Job and none seems forthcoming, but just when you think you’ve had about enough with the search and think you have to give up, a Job comes to you on a platter of gold. Don’t worry, your six (6) will definitely come.


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