The idea for this topic came up when I attended a meeting for a musical festival in RCC Karu, Abuja.
COCIN, which stands for Church of Christ In Nations, is a denomination that is over a hundred years old. It started out in my state with a handful of white missionaries and has grown to become a very far-reaching gospel mission. I’m not one of her biggest fans, but I’m a fan of all things antiquated so I appreciate COCIN.
Anyway, the point here today is that in the meeting, I noticed that all the men seemed to be talking with an air of importance on an issue that didn’t require such. Seeing as the church is indigenous to plateau indigenes, it is only normal that the attributes of a typical plateau culture will find its way into the church and that sickens me. *gag*
There was actually a time that it was unheard of for women to stand on the pulpit and speak the word. Smh
This is me calling COCIN men out. Y’all better get your acts straight and learn to alienate culture from religion. Draw a conspicuous line between the two and things will go better.


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