Where would I be without Google?


There are so many things in life that are necessary. The air we breathe, shelter, food (the most important lol) even cars are considered a necessity and not a luxury anymore. For avid readers and research buffs, have you ever stopped to wonder what life would be like without google? Oh! The horror, the agony of the thought… Lol. My friend’s display picture read,

‘what if there was no google? Good question. Google it’

And in typical Makcit style, I typed it into my google search and it came up with several results, but on my own I started to wonder what my life would be without Google.
First of all,

  • I wouldn’t be half as interesting as I am maybe.
  • I would be more introverted than necessary because books would take up 70% of my time.
  • I would be so not interested in cooking or trying out new things because I wouldn’t even know new things or new recipes existed

That would not be a way to live now would it?

Google is my friend and I’m glad I met her (only a girl can know so much lol).

It would be grrat to work there someday.


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