Tea: A must read

kermit drinking teaHere I am sitting in my favourite chair at home (my mother’s house) and sipping on Lipton tea with lime squeezed into it. I’m wondering why I like tea, why I take it as often as I do and if there is any health benefit in it at all. Lucky for me google didn’t waste time in explaining the numerous health benefits of tea and lime as well.
First, and most importantly, tea is taken for its stimulating effect on the mind and body. Hence, it is taken first thing in the morning. It has been observed that people who take tea don’t complain of fatigue as much as those who do not take it.
Lime on the other hands provides 19% of the required vitamin C the body needs in a day and this fruit has only 10 calories. This means grabbing a class of lime water or lime tea rather than a soda helps to avoid unnecessary calories which is the bedrock of weight loss: Taking less calories than you need in a day.
Nothing can come between my tea and I. *satisfied smile*

No one food or drink, consumed on its own, has the power to make you lose weight. However, lime water may offer some benefit to those trying to slim down…

More info can be gotten hereΒ at livestrong.


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