Take Banana…

I don’t consider myself a great cook, I barely even like to cook most of the time, but I absolutely love trying out new recipes. I found this site, Perfectsmoothie.com which has a lot of recipes for different occasions. Even a hangover remedy (I can’t wait to try that out). Anyway, in my bid for something inexpensive and available I kept searching online till I found a very simple Banana smoothie recipe. The ingredients listed were 1-2 small bananas, ice cubes, milk and sugar. The mode of preparation is as easy as just putting ’em all in a high power blender and blending them all together. When I wanted to try it out I wasn’t sure of the kind of milk to use so I just went with what was in the house, powdered peak milk. I dissolved that in a little water, put in some ice cold water (didn’t have ice at the time) two cubes of sugar and I one banana. The end result got me excited, but it wasn’t perfect. The milk was too creamy, two cubes ended up being too much. I had to add one more banana (they were kinda small) to even put the sugar and milk, and It wasn’t as cold as it should have been. Below is my corrected recipe.
* 2 bananas (small) or 1 big one
* Milk (bottled liquid milk or just Dano)
* 1 cube (one tablespoon)
* Ice cubes (this is VERY important)

The ice makes it easier to drink otherwise it seems like something very disgusting. Milk makes it smooth so the choice of milk shouldn’t be an overly sweet one. Banana is already sweet so sugar isn’t necessary, it only gives it that wow factor. I enjoyed my smoothie, I hope you enjyoy yours.


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