Baby Mama number two

Things just keep getting more interesting by the day.
Several days ago my sister and I were in the kitchen while she cooked and she told me to pick up her phone and open her browser. This was a very weird request and I was a bit sceptical, but I eventually obliged. The content that hit me was mind boggling and I will explain why.
Everyday you hear of underage pregnancies and premarital pregnancies, those aren’t new at all, but when such stories involve celebrities it’s on a whole new level.
Paul Okoye of ‘P-Square’ is said to have impregnated Jay town chick and beauty Queen Elshamah Benson Igbanoi and ‘abandoned’ her in a London hospital. First of all it isn’t abandonment if he wasn’t there in the first place. The report said she was being harrassed for not paying a bill of Β£5,000 that Paul had promised to pay. This is another part of the story I have a problem with. Anyone who hears this story, and believe me a lot of people have, will point out that her parents can afford to pay the bill so why drag the press into it and cause a brouhaha?
The father told the press that his daughter had lost her virginity at 17 to Paul (Bulls*@t) two years ago making her 19 now. My friend who participated with her in a Miss Unity contest two years ago says her age was given as 18 at the time so what magically transpired? Hehehe
All things are at a standstill and little or nothing has been said by the Nigerian artiste, but what we know for sure is that Paul has said a paternity test must be done.
This delivery will complicate things for the star whose girlfriend gave birth to his baby a few weeks ago in Atlanta, Georgia and is a known friend of the latest baby mama, Miss Benson. This makes one wonder how long their affair was on for.


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