My country?

I heard the ring of my message tone, but rather than a juicy ping from my BFF I saw a broadcast message *rme*. Just for the record, I HATE broadcasts!
Anyway, the gist of this broadcast captured my attention enough for me to google it (I am Google’s #1 fan).Β  I was able to verify that truly, David Mark, a senator of the Republic of Nigeria and the president of the house, had given a Ferrari toΒ Annie macauley and Innocent (TuFace) Idibia as a wedding gift.
Apparently, the said Senate president had REJECTED a Bill for unemployed graduates to be paid N20,000 monthly, but could give a car worth N47 million. Let us assume for a minute that all that money is his… Nah, I can’t seem to believe that possibility.
The Chevy Corvette is a brand that was named after a small type of maneuverable warship called a corvette. They were initially used for display and then for race models, but have gradually seem themselves plying streets around the world. The stingray was used in the movie ‘Transformers: Revenge of the fallen’ as sideswipe’s vehicle mode. Another model was used in the sequel, ‘Transformers: Dark of the moon’.
I am filled with righteous anger, not because David mark presented a Corvette to the ‘faboo’ couple, but because it is an indication of what we value in our dear country. When you begin to analyse the cost surrounding the car… The shipping to Dubai (the venue of the wedding), the shipping back to Nigeria (why didn’t he just present it here?), the obvious cost of the car… The question I want to ask is, will people like him gladly give such an amount to a charity or a school if there is no media hype to be gained? Everyone wants power… To feel like the best in the midst of those who don’t really matter. There is very little time I can spare for unsavoury people.
We can only hope that Nigeria gets better.


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