Make the world go round

Writers get inspired by several things. It’s either they are inspired by someone’s experience, their own experience or mere imagination. I write mainly from my own experiences (that’s not to say I call myself a writer) and the latest thought on my mind has been the issue of Love. Now I know you may be saying it’s an overstated emotion or an over flogged topic, but the angle I’m aiming at is the fact that everything in life revolves around it, therefore, it is necessary.
It is believed that more women lean toward and are fascinated by love, but scientifically it’s been proven that we all have an innate need for love. Like how a child looks up to his parents with complete trust that they’ll always be there, or when a mom scolds her child and the child draws near for the comfort of her bosom immediately after…. It’s been proven that you can not toughen people up against love by denying them of it. We all need it so denying us of it will not help, rather it will damage us.
Love has the power to make or break us, but the pros definitely outnumber the cons. The craving for love has left so many broken relationships be it Romantic, family, friends, e.t.c but when we do find the perfect match it blots out all the negativity. Some people might have got it so bad that they go on and on about how they’ll be better off alone (Hogwash). I have said that so many times that I’ve lost count, but when I begin to actually imagine my life without my Mom, sister, brother… I cringe at the thought.
I’m at my happiest when I remember or I see proof that the people I love still love me and will always be there for me. It’s a real confidence booster. :D.
Note: It’s not enough to just love in your heart, although that’s a great start, you also have to show it. Who knows, you just might save someone a lot of misery and you’d be doing yourself a favour in the process. Don’t just need/want love. Give it back. The way you want love is the same way the person next to you wants it too so be sure it works both ways. Love, they say, makes the world go round huh? Let’s give her a spin. :D.


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