A trip to remember

First of all I’m filled with righteous indignation at Nigeria (especially as it is first October) and at drivers. I’m pissed at Nigeria ƒσя the state of her roads and the lack of proper illumination on these roads. Then I’m pissed at the drivers for their recklessness and seeming foolishness in the spate of poor roads. Why should a driver honk without overtaking? Why should a driver leave his lane (on a dualized road) and join the left hand side? When I asked, his reason was that the right-hand lane wasn’t so good. WT*!!! We are driving in the middle of nowhere and said driver blinks his head lights like twice and suddenly puts it off for almost two seconds… He does this repeatedly till the passengers all shout (myself inclusive) and his reason (another lame one) is that we are the only ones on the road. So what???? I just wish I could describe the expression on my face to you… I was pissed, amused, surprised, angry and dumbfounded all at once. How stupid can you be? At the end of the journey it ranked as my worst trip ever, ever, ever!


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