Having A ‘Mumu Switch’

Have you ever felt like you’d found the love of your life yet realised that something was wrong?
Picture it this way… You love chocolate so much (everyone knows that) but you have just finished a really good and satisfying meal therefore, eating the chocolate would be unfair to the chocolate and it would be like cheating… You won’t be able to savour it. Note that the problem isn’t that you don’t love chocolate, but that probably it just wasn’t the right time… Hmmm?
I have gotten to this point more than once and only very recently, where I know I want something, but I can’t have it. Maybe I’m getting it wrong by comparing ‘him’ to chocolate, but life gets so annoying and frustrating that everything could be compared to anything.
There’s this thing my friends and I used to go on and on about… ‘Mumu switch‘ lol.
A ‘mumu switch’ was what we labelled guys we had major not-so-innocent crushes on who caused us to do silly things just by being close to them. Geena’s was Terry, (I hope she doesn’t see this) Ukwet’s was Maffy or so, mine was… I don’t remember who they thought it was, but not to worry cos I think I’ve found mine 😀 and in general I love the feeling.

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