How It All Began

I have always wanted to start a blog, but there were so many obstacles. It was either poor network or wrong phone at the right time… It got so bad that I started to blurt my feelings on Facebook and that is a very silly thing to do. Everyone who cared to know could tell my mood and what was going on in my life, but my friend Bedari wiggled his finger at me and I woke to reality. Thank God I’m finally here :).
I consider myself interesting, if you count a good book, an intriguing movie, heavy music and food at home a good night out lol. I love to dance, but over the years I’ve realised that it is not enough to just go clubbing or to a random party… So many things have to be right; the location, crowd, music, my outfit and most importantly My Mind. I have been out with friends and found myself reading a novel… Pathetic huh? I thought so too when I took a second to look at myself. Lol.

Divine, Makcit and Toju
Divine, Me and Toju

I’m currently serving in Akure, Ondo state in western Nigeria and the things I do for fun are shopping (for junk food) and watchingTV shows of every genre. From the old and popular Gilmore Girls to Ringer and everything in between. I hope I haven’t come off as boring? Like I said, I consider myself interesting and my proof is the testimony of 85% of the people I’ve met. My favourite colour is Purple, which is totally rad and I love brown, grey, red and black. I used to wear black a lot. So much that my mom would chase me back in to change. It is my love for black that got me interested in red. I wear black over black and accessorize with red.
Phew! I feel I’ve been talking too much and Gilmore Girls misses me… I’ll be back with more about Yours Truly.


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